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Summary Report on "2023 China (Wenzhou) International Smart Electric & RCEP Electric Power & Electrical Exhibition" and "2023 China (Wenzhou) International Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition

In order to accelerate the branded, intelligent and international development of electrical and new energy industries, to build a high-level, professional international exhibition platform, to help the city accelerate the building of world-class intelligent electrical industry clusters, new energy production capacity center and the promotion and application of demonstration cities, by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Electrical and Electronic Products, China Electrical Industry Association, Wenzhou City Trade Promotion Association, Yueqing City People's Government, Wenzhou City Industry and Energy Ltd. and Zhejiang Electrical Industry Association, the "2023 China (Wenzhou) International Smart Electric & RCEP Electricity & Electrical Exhibition" and "2023 China (Wenzhou) International Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition" (collectively: Wenzhou International Smart Electric & Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition) will be held in Wenzhou, China. (collectively: Wenzhou International Smart Electric & PV Energy Storage Exhibition), after a preparation period of more than one year, was successfully held at Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 12-14, 2023.

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The exhibition has achieved very good results, as follows:

 (1) held at a high level. The exhibition was sponsored by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, China Electrical Industry Association, Wenzhou City Council for the Promotion of Trade, Yueqing Municipal People's Government, Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Development Group Co. The chairman of Sri Lanka Ceylon Electricity Bureau, energy system executives, ambassadors in China, etc. came to Wenzhou to observe the exhibition and participate in the meeting and in-depth enterprise docking procurement; Thailand Energy Bureau, China ASEAN Business Council online to participate in the exhibition summit forum and other activities. State Grid, Southern Power Grid, CEC, CITIC, State Power Investment, Huaneng, China Resources, Sunshine Power, Longi Green Energy, Trina Solar, Chipset New Energy and other central enterprises and industry head enterprises sent their exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, and under the joint efforts of government, enterprises, associations, research and media, the exhibition has achieved good results and amplified effects far beyond expectations.

(2) New display theme. The exhibition is the first "intelligent electrical + new energy" double theme professional exhibition in Wenzhou, fully leveraging the "5 + 5 + N" industry pattern potential, highlighting the advantages of the industry chain, the overall display scale of nearly 20,000 square meters, attracting Yueqing, Longwan and other local famous electrical, energy storage enterprises as the main, the provincial government, the provincial government, the provincial government and the provincial government, Energy storage enterprises as the main body, electrical and new energy industry-related 291 enterprises inside and outside the province joint exhibition, a total of 17,952 professional visitors from home and abroad to visit the procurement, online viewing exhibition activities live more than 300,000 people. According to the analysis of industry insiders, this is also the first nationwide professional exhibition linking the electrical and new energy industries, which proves that the international exhibition held in Wen has an industrial base and characteristic advantages that are difficult to replicate.

(3) Good comprehensive effect. According to the preliminary statistics of the questionnaire survey results of the exhibitors, the on-site turnover exceeded 100 million RMB, and the total intended orders reached 500 million RMB. 95% of the exhibitors affirmed the work of the exhibition, and 85% of the enterprises have clearly put forward their requests to participate in the next exhibition. More than 100 media, associations and related units reported the exhibition, such as Jitterbug, Tencent, Netease, Baidu, Sohu and other major news release platforms, Sail Media, Electric Tiger, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, China Electrical Industry Association, etc. All these have well publicized and promoted Wenzhou electrical and new energy industry and enhanced the reputation of Wenzhou city.


Main features of the exhibition

(1) Innovation leading. The innovation of the exhibition is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

Firstly, this exhibition is the first exhibition of "electrical + new energy" industry linkage in China, and the first innovative exhibition of "pure market operation + government departments and state-owned enterprises resources help" in Wenzhou. The "enterprise sings and government helps" has stimulated great market vitality, which is conducive to providing new references for further optimizing and improving the policies related to the exhibition industry.

Secondly, as the first industrial exhibition after Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center resumed its function, the exhibition has made many new attempts and breakthroughs in publicity channels and methods, focusing on new media publicity, cross-industry cooperation, overseas promotion and other channels, especially the dissemination by a group of "industry experts" on short video platforms such as ShakeYin and Video No., which has achieved good results. The professional buyers who registered online to visit the show exceeded 5,000 times.

Thirdly, the organizing committee has hired "overseas liaison officers of Belt and Road and RCEP", who are active in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and other countries' professional markets and major international exhibitions related to electric power and new energy to promote the exhibition and Wenzhou electric and new energy industry. Publicity and promotion work.

(2) International perspective. The international perspective is mainly reflected in three aspects:

Firstly, the exhibition has been based on the concept of "internationalization" since its inception, and multiple measures have been taken to continuously invite international businessmen to negotiate and purchase through channels and methods such as embassies and consulates, international organizations and overseas liaison officers, invite the RCEP Electric Industry Cooperation Committee to participate in co-organizing the exhibition, and cooperate with the China-ASEAN Business Council, Pudong International Chamber of Commerce and other The exhibition will be co-organized with China-ASEAN Business Council, Pudong International Chamber of Commerce and other organizations to carry out international investment and exhibition cooperation.

Secondly, during the exhibition, the Chairman of Sri Lanka Ceylon Electricity Board, Nalinda Ilangakoon, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, the Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in China, Nalika Kodikata, attended the main forum of the exhibition and delivered a speech, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Energy of Thailand, Songpo Fearthana Ariagul, and the Executive Director of China-ASEAN Business Council, Xu Ningning, delivered a video speech at the main forum of the conference. The overseas buyers visiting the exhibition were located in more than 10 countries and regions, such as France, Germany, Tajikistan, Panama, Thailand, Jamaica, South Africa, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Algeria and Sri Lanka.

Thirdly, during the exhibition, a special matchmaking activity for Sri Lanka power and energy procurement was organized. The Chairman of Sri Lanka Ceylon Electricity Board, Nalinda Ilangakoon, Minister-Counsellor of Sri Lanka Embassy in China, Nalika Kodikata, President of Lanka Electricity Company, De Silva, and Fernando of Lighting Engineering Advisory Committee visited People's Electric, Shinji, Kinlal, and Phonbak and other enterprises for inspection and special docking activities.

(3) Professional operation. Exhibition professionalism is mainly reflected in:

Firstly, the exhibition gathered many famous representative enterprises from Wenzhou, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Henan and other electrical and new energy industries, including People's Electric Group, Meigao, Chuangqi, Huanyu Group, Great Wall Electric, Garcia, Krep Electric, Ifa, China One Energy, Hongguang Electric, Zhonganda, Fuda Alloy, Xinji, Tianshe and other famous electrical enterprises, Huawei Digital Energy, Yunwo Technology The exhibition will be held at the same time with the participation of Huawei Digital Energy, Yunwu Technology, Anfu, Xupu, Changan, Xinya East, Dingke, Shanggao, Jinlei, Fengbaoq, Lantian Energy, Yiyuan and other energy enterprises inside and outside the province.

Secondly, a series of high specification, high quality and effective supporting activities such as "International New Energy Conference and Electrical Industry Innovation Summit Main Forum, Intelligent Electrical Industry Digital Development Forum and New Energy Application Seminar" were successfully held in the same period of the exhibition, Huawei Digital Energy, Guohe Intercontinental Energy Research Institute, China Electric Construction, Sunshine New Energy, Astronergy, People's Electric Appliance, Garcia, Shanghai Carbon Balance Technology, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, Zhejiang Institute of Industry and Trade, Zhejiang Security Vocational and Technical College, Municipal Internet of Things Industry Association and other industry leading enterprises, higher education institutions and institutional experts to participate in the exhibition, which greatly enriched the content of the exhibition and enhanced the enthusiasm of industry enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The professional, in-depth, cutting-edge and authoritative information sharing is of great significance to promote the innovation and transformation development of Wenzhou electrical industry and to promote the gathering of elements of the new energy industry chain.

Third, the exhibition attracted the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, China Electrical Industry Association and other national associations co-sponsored, more than 20 electrical, energy industry-related business associations, scientific research institutes in the province and outside the participation of co-sponsorship, support, from Tianjin, Chongqing, Hunan, Henan and other provinces and cities procurement end of the relevant associations groups and enterprise representatives to visit, procurement, sharing and exchange.

Under the leadership of the municipal government and with the strong support of all relevant government departments, through the efforts of 2-3 years, this Wenzhou "Electrical + New Energy" event will become a professional exhibition with international influence, making it one of the golden cards of Wenzhou city and an important grip to boost Wenzhou's electrical and new energy industry and economic development. It is one of the most important events in Wenzhou.