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Exhibiting Products Segments For CSEE- THE Wenzhou Tradeshow And Wenzhou Electrical Expo:

Complete transmission and distribution

High voltage electric,Low-voltage electrical

Power fittings, explosion-proof electrical

Building electrical, instruments and meters

power supply electrical

Intelligent Internet of Things 

Button switch, electrical cable

1) Electric power intelligent technology and application


Intelligent power plant, virtual power plant, intelligent fuel operation, intelligent host power generation, intelligent power generation operation and maintenance maintenance, three-dimensional modeling; Transmission line image recognition, transmission channel visualization, intelligent inspection of UAV and robot, intelligent inspection of transmission circuit; Unattended substation, intelligent security, substation monitoring image recognition, substation inspection robot, intelligent detection of substation equipment; Intelligent distribution network operation and maintenance, intelligent power distribution station room, intelligent monitoring of power distribution equipment, intelligent monitoring of cable/overhead line; Integration of purchase and sale, intelligent marketing of distribution network, intelligent transaction of electricity sale market, incremental power distribution and other related technology applications and products.


(2) Electrical equipment and electrical equipment


Circuit breaker, fuse, resistor, transformer, lightning arrester, inverter, vacuum circuit breaker, relay and protection, harmonic elimination arc suppression device, the power quality management, compensation device, capacitor, transformer, reactor, transformers, voltage regulator, rectifier, regulator, isolating switch, load switch, box-type substation, dc power cupboard, ring network cabinet, gas cabinets, power distribution cabinets, power distribution Disk, bridge, bus trough, cable bridge parts, high/low voltage switchgear, high/low voltage complete equipment, DCS, PLC, frequency converter, touch products, wires and cables, connectors, terminals, insulation materials, explosion-proof appliances, electrical machinery, electrical instruments and other electrical equipment and electrical equipment.


The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products

China Electric Power Construction Association

Wenzhou Trade Promotion Association

Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Development Group Co.

Zhejiang Electrical Industry Association

Shanghai Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd.



Zhejiang Donnor International Exhibition Co., Ltd.



Zhejiang Circuit Breaker Association

Wenzhou City Bureau of Commerce

Yueqing Power Transmission and Distribution Association

Yueqing Small Circuit Breaker Association

Yueqing Transformer Industry Association

Yueqing Lightning Protection Electrical Industry Association

Yueqing electric power fittings and cable accessories industry association

Yueqing Relay Association



China Electricity Council

Intelligent Power Transmission Distribution Strategic Alliance

Taiwan Lusha Electric Power Association