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TEGEN Electric Won Three Heavy Awards of China's Top 100 Electrical Industries


On December 14, the 17th China Electrical Industry Development Summit Forum, sponsored by mechanical media · electrical times magazine and co sponsored by China Electrical Industry Association, State Grid Energy Research Institute and China smart energy industry alliance, was grandly held in Beijing. Relying on its strong brand comprehensive strength, Tianzheng Electric has won the "top 100 Chinese electrical industry in 2020" "Top 10 leading enterprises in China's electrical industry in 2020" and "top 10 'double carbon' solutions in China's electrical industry in 2020" won three awards!

As a wind vane in the industry, "Top 100 of China's electrical industry" "The selection has been held for more than 20 years. The list is a barometer that comprehensively reflects the development status of China's electrical enterprises. With fair and authoritative research process and accurate and strict selection standards, the previous selection has been highly praised by power grid, intelligent building, industry, infrastructure and high-end electrical manufacturing enterprises. This time, Tianzheng Electric has won three awards, which once again confirms the customers in the industry , experts and the market attach great importance to and recognize Tianzheng electric.

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With the theme of "focusing on double carbon and looking forward to the 14th five year plan", the forum focused on the hot topics in the current electrical industry. The invited representatives of Tianzheng electric, together with many well-known academicians and experts on site, discussed the technologies and paths for enterprises in the electrical industry to achieve the "double carbon" strategic goal, the transformation and development of energy and power, the energy-saving technology of comprehensive energy system Discuss, exchange and interact with important contents such as intelligent manufacturing and enterprise digital transformation.

In the guest sharing session, Wang Zhe, senior manager of Tianzheng Electric's intelligent distribution scheme, gave a keynote speech on "focusing on the" double carbon "goal and building a new future of smart buildings". Aiming at the "double carbon" topic concerned by industry customers and experts, he shared the "Tianzheng Tianzhi" digital energy solution on site, from the multi-dimensional aspects of smart power management, distribution operation and maintenance and safe power consumption, Explain how the scheme can enable industrial upgrading in the field of smart buildings and implement the goal of "double carbon".

In addition to his speech, Wang Zhe also showed the application case of Tianzheng electric in helping Cuiping mountain in Yibin City, Sichuan to build an intelligent green and low-carbon scenic spot. The application value and Prospect of Tianzheng Electric's one-stop smart energy solution in the field of double carbon have won unanimous praise from the evaluation expert group and won the important award of "top ten 'double carbon' solutions for China's electrical industry in 2020".

In recent years, under the background of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization", the domestic low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises represented by Tianzheng electric have anchored the "double carbon" goal, based on the needs of customers in new energy and other industries, increased independent innovation and R & D, and are accelerating the layout of "new infrastructure" fields such as power Internet of things, smart energy and 5g industry applications, driving into the fast lane of development.