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ensuring people's electricity consumption

data show that the average precipitation in # Sichuan this year is 51% less than that in the previous year, and the water inflow from major rivers is also 20% to 50%. At present, the total available water storage of hydropower projects is only 1.2 billion cubic meters, nearly 4 billion cubic meters less than that in previous years. In order to ensure that the power consumption for people's livelihood will not be affected, Sichuan has urgently increased thermal power generation and requested power transmission to other provinces. From zero o'clock on Monday to 24 o'clock on Saturday, in addition to the security load, all industrial power users in the orderly power consumption scheme of Sichuan power grid will be stopped. The street lamps in the city will be "on every other day". The shopping malls, subways and office buildings will be turned off, and the billboards, landscape lights and long-standing lights will be turned off. The whole society will start to operate with low energy consumption# Sichuan's largest thermal power plant is fully powered # l CCTV Weibo video