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Qiao Xubin and his party went to the Philippines for research and guidance

From May 31 to June 9, Mr. Qiao Xubin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Energy Construction International Group, led a delegation to the Philippines for research and guidance, to promote high-level public relations and the establishment and maintenance of major customer relationships, and to promote the smooth implementation of key projects, emphasizing the need to deeply implement the strategy of prioritizing high-quality and synergistic development of international business, to give full play to the role of planning and consulting as a leader and investment traction, and to vigorously promote the implementation of "big comprehensive and new" projects, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the Philippine market and high-quality and sustainable development.

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Meeting with Chinese Ambassador and Minister Counsellor in the Philippines

During the meeting, Qiao Xubin called on Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian, accompanied by Yang Guoliang, Minister Counselor of the Embassy. Ambassador Huang Xilian said that China and the Philippines are friendly neighbors with long-standing traditional friendship. He hoped that CECC would continue to expand its business in the fields of energy, power and infrastructure investment and construction in the Philippines, further enhance the welfare of the Filipino people and contribute to the promotion of China-Philippines relations to a new level. Mr. Yang Guoliang affirmed the operation and development of CECC in the Philippines and said that China has been the largest trade partner of the Philippines for seven consecutive years and the cooperation between China and the Philippines in the field of green energy is promising. Qiao Xubin said that CECC is willing to take advantage of the integration of investment, construction and operation, seize the window of opportunity for new energy development in the Philippines, further increase the development of the Philippine market and investment, and promote the construction of projects safely and efficiently.

Inspection of the Caliwa Dam Project in the Philippines

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During his stay in the Philippines, Mr. Qiao Xubin and his delegation actively promoted cooperation with major customers and met with senior management of Vena Energy Corporation, Acen Corporation, Citicore Renewable Energy Corporation, Aboitiz Power Corporation, Prime Infra Corporation, PMI Group and Philippine Financial Bank to promote China Energy Construction brand and promote business negotiation and cooperation. In order to promote the efficient performance of the projects under construction, Qiao Xubin and his party also visited the site of Caliwa Dam project in the Philippines to inspect and guide the work, requesting to firmly establish the concept of "good project under construction is hard public relations", strengthen on-site production and social safety management, promote localization construction, strengthen brand promotion, and contribute to market development.

Mr. Zhang Deliang, Vice President of the company, and the relevant persons in charge of the Marketing and Financing Department, Marine Investment Division, Southeast Asia Regional Headquarters, Philippine Branch and layout enterprises attended the above activities.