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Dongfeng Industrial Zone of Liushi: transform "big space" to produce "high efficiency"

Dongfeng Industrial Zone of Liushi: transform "big space" to produce "high efficiency"

Abstract: Dongfeng Industrial Zone of Liushi: transform "large space" to produce "high efficiency"

Liushi town of Yueqing City has the reputation of "the capital of electrical appliances in China". In the north area of the old town, it is a Dongfeng Industrial Zone formed in the early 1990s. Here, a number of national leading enterprises in the electrical field, such as Chint, Delixi and Tianzheng, have emerged and become the best footnote of the "city of electrical appliances".

Today, Dongfeng Industrial Zone is still a gathering place of electrical industry. The industrial zone covers an area of about 380 mu, with an existing building area of 342000 square meters, of which the illegal building area is about 102000 square meters; There are 77 industrial enterprises, all of which are electrical and related industries, including 6 Enterprises above Designated Size; In 2021, the park will achieve a total industrial output value of 350 million yuan and an annual tax of 12 million yuan.



Old appearance of Dongfeng Industrial Zone

However, after more than 30 years of development, Dongfeng Industrial Zone is exposing such shortcomings as old plants, low plot ratio, low per mu benefit, disordered lines and networks, and poor overall image, which need to be improved. At the same time, against the background of extremely shortage of industrial land in Liushi, with the goal of developing the stock space, the town launched a new round of "cage for birds and Phoenix Nirvana" offensive, and the implementation of the whole area transformation of Dongfeng Industrial Zone was put on the agenda.

On the basis of surveying, mapping, recording, design and planning adjustment in the early stage, the demolition work of Dongfeng Industrial Zone was officially started in May this year. According to the road structure system of "five vertical and six horizontal" in the park, the park is divided into 15 blocks. According to the principle of "no interference between plots and unified demolition and reconstruction within plots", the rolling development is promoted and implemented block by block to ensure the production of enterprises as much as possible.

In fact, as early as a few years ago, the reconstruction of Dongfeng Industrial Zone has been repeatedly mentioned. However, due to many enterprises involved, great obstacles and difficulties, the reconstruction work has been repeatedly shelved. In this restart and transformation, Liushi town insists on innovating ways and methods with more boldness, greater strength and more practical measures, adheres to the "six unifications and six breakthroughs", tries its best to break a series of bottlenecks and obstacles, and vigorously promotes the transformation.


To solve the problem of imperfect infrastructure supporting facilities, the unified planning is revised to break through the restriction of existing construction indicators, change the overall planning of the park to class I industrial land, and do a good job in supporting construction. At the same time, the policy will be relaxed to stimulate the transformation of enterprises, and the building area ratio will be relaxed to 5.0, the building density will be relaxed to 60%, the green area will be at least 5%, and the enterprise plant can be built up to 10 floors, so as to promote "industrial building".

Aiming at the problems of irregular architectural design and low utilization rate in the park, the unified scheme design is adopted to break through the space displacement policy and allow the red line of the newly reconstructed buildings to be appropriately shifted under the premise of unchanged land area, so as to realize the building regularity and improve the efficiency.

In view of the capital problem, we unified the development and construction, achieved a breakthrough in financing guarantee, and signed a framework agreement with Yueqing rural commercial bank, which was guaranteed by Liushi Urban Investment Co., Ltd., with a credit loan of 1 billion yuan for the whole park. For enterprises with loan difficulties, Liushi Urban Investment Co., Ltd. shall guarantee the construction, or assist in the development by means of equity participation, leaseback and purchase.


In view of the problems of different plant areas and different intentions, we will unify the property right handling, break through the existing split registration policy, and jointly develop the plants in the park. After the plants are completed, they will be converted into the building area according to the land and its plot ratio of the enterprise, and the property right split registration will be carried out according to the principle of "quantitative non positioning".

In view of the complex nature of the land in the park, unified agency approval was conducted to comprehensively improve the approval progress; In view of the lack of management in the park, a management committee will be set up in the transformed park to implement unified management, and prepare to create smart scenes such as smart parking, energy consumption management, smart street lights and park one card; Flexible disposal of illegal buildings.

Zhu Xulong, executive deputy mayor of Liushi Town, told the reporter, "after the transformation, the total construction area of the park will increase from 200000 square meters to 700000 square meters; the annual output value of the park is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan, a double increase over the original, and the tax revenue will be nearly 100 million yuan."

At present, Dongfeng Industrial Park has completed the demolition of the main buildings of 25 enterprises, with a land space of more than 80 mu; At the end of this year, the construction of some plots will be started, and it is expected that the park will be completed and put into use at the end of next year. The reporter also learned that Liushi Town, including Dongfeng Industrial Zone, has arranged 8 large-scale old industrial parks with a total area of 2829 mu, which will be transformed and upgraded one by one to consolidate the space guarantee for industrial development.