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The new market space will reach 64 billion yuan in 2025! In the post-new energy era,

Microgrids are equivalent to the tentacles of the backbone network and are a must for commercial and industrial enterprises to manage energy consumption and participate in electricity spot market trading. The backbone network is responsible for the power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution of electricity, and the enterprise microgrid is equivalent to the end branch of the backbone network on the customer side.

With the popularization of distributed PV, energy storage, charging piles and other hardware, accelerated construction of virtual power plants, and accelerated improvement of power spot market trading system, microgrid energy efficiency management is a necessary choice for commercial and industrial enterprises to participate in power market trading and realize energy saving and consumption reduction.

What is a microgrid?

The composition of power grid includes power generation, transmission, substation, distribution and micro-grid. The first four links are the backbone network, and micro-grid is an extension of the backbone network for end business users. Micro-Grid is a small-scale power generation and distribution system consisting of distributed power sources, energy storage devices, energy conversion devices, loads, monitoring and protection devices, etc.

The policy has been stepped up to drive the microgrid market. 2015 saw the first national push for microgrid construction and the launch of microgrid demonstration projects, officially encouraging the commercial application of microgrids;

In July of the same year, the National Energy Administration issued the "Guidance on Promoting the Construction of New Energy Microgrid Demonstration Projects", which clarifies that new energy microgrid projects can be built based on existing distribution grids or combined with new distribution grids, and can be a single new energy microgrid/multiple new energy microgrids forming a microgrid cluster. The first batch of new energy microgrid demonstration projects were announced in May 2017, including 24 grid-connected microgrids and 4 stand-alone microgrid projects.

In July 2022, the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Development and Reform Commission released the "14th Five-Year Plan for National Urban Infrastructure Construction", which proposes to actively promote the expansion and upgrading of distribution grids, orderly promote the application of active distribution grids, microgrids and hybrid AC/DC grids, and promote the transformation of power supply services to "The plan proposes to actively promote the expansion and upgrading of distribution grids, orderly promote the application of active distribution grids, microgrids and hybrid AC-DC grids, and promote the extension of power supply services to "power supply + energy efficiency services.

On November 25, 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Bureau issued the "Basic Rules for Electricity Spot Market (Draft for Comments)", proposing to promote the participation of emerging market players such as energy storage, distributed generation, load aggregators, virtual power plants and new energy microgrids in trading.

On January 12, State Grid Chairman and Party Secretary Xin Baoan said in an interview that the company will increase investment in 2023, with grid investment set to exceed 520 billion RMB, another record high. 2023 January, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and zero six departments jointly issued "Guidance on Promoting the Development of Energy Electronics Industry", expanding photovoltaic power generation systems, new energy storage systems, new energy microgrids and other Intelligent and diversified products and services supply.