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What's New Monday 10th of July 2023
"Four horizontal and three vertical", building a strong main network of Guizhou

On the northern bay, the water is wide and the weather is cloudy, and ships come and go In March, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionThe first offshore wind power projectFull-scale construction started hereFangchenggang Offshore Wind Power Demonstrati…

What's New Friday 7th of July 2023
Servo's motor torque, power, speed, voltage, current conversion formula

Motor output torque:The torque that makes a mechanical element rotate is called rotational torque, or torque for short. Mechanical components under the action of torque will produce a certain degree of torsional deformation, so the torque is sometimes…

What's New Tuesday 27th of June 2023
Introduction to cable tunnel fire prevention

With the rapid development of Chinas economy, electricity load grows year by year power transmission channel tension, therefore, in the future, multi-loop, high-capacity tunnels are increasingly used, the safety of the cables running in the tunnel is …

What's New Friday 23rd of June 2023
HotAs an electrical person, must know the 14 taboos of the installation of the distribution box!

Distribution boxes are essential power distribution equipment in modern homes and businesses, and its installation and use is crucial to the safety and stability of the power system.But when it comes to the taboo of distribution box installation, I th…

What's New Tuesday 20th of June 2023
Strategic Cooperation! Donnor Signed a new Cooperation Agreement

On June 13, the press conference of "2023 Thailand Green Technology and Low Carbon Mobility Exhibition" was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Internationa…

What's New Tuesday 13th of June 2023
Qiao Xubin and his party went to the Philippines for research and guidance

From May 31 to June 9, Mr. Qiao Xubin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Energy Construction International Group, led a delegation to the Philippines for research and guidance, to promote high-level public relations …

What's New Friday 9th of June 2023
455 billion yuan! See the passion and majesty of Wenzhou racing new energy track

Energy storage wind strong, Wenzhou new energy industry born a star enterprise - late May, with more than 1 billion yuan Pre-IPO round of financing officially completed, the valuation of FOX-ESS energy soared to more than 10 billion yuan.This is a viv…

What's New Tuesday 6th of June 2023
15 member countries have completed the entry into force of the RCEP "circle of friends"

On June 1, good news came from Zhengzhou Customs that the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) entered into force for the Philippines on JuneJune 2 for the Philippines officially entered into force. Since January 1 last year to…

What's New Monday 5th of June 2023
CEC new energy independent listing, "14th Five-Year Plan" new wind power, photovoltaic target 50GW!

In the evening of June 2, China Power Construction Company Limited issued an "alert announcement on the planning of the spin-off listing of its holding subsidiary", intended to split its CEC New Energy Group Co.According to the announcement,…

What's New Thursday 1st of June 2023
Vice President of CCCME Shi Yonghong visited Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition

In the afternoon of May 11, Mr. Shi Yonghong, member of the party committee and vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, visited Wenzhou Donor Exhibition to exchange views on the upcoming …

What's New Saturday 27th of May 2023
FOX-ESS Energy officially completed the Pre-IPO round of financing

FOX-ESS Energy, a well-known global household energy storage and grid-connected PV inverter brand, has officially completed a Pre-IPO round of financing, with a financing scale of over 1 billion yuan, led by Chao Xi Capital, along with the SNEC PV ex…

What's New Monday 1st of May 2023
Why should the pipe under the pressure gauge make a bend?

After the production of equipment and piping, often need to strength and leakage test. Pressure gauge will be used for pressure testing, I do not know if you have noticed, the pressure gauge and equipment, piping between the connection is bent. Why pr…

What's New Monday 10th of April 2023
The new market space will reach 64 billion yuan in 2025! In the post-new energy era,

Microgrids are equivalent to the tentacles of the backbone network and are a must for commercial and industrial enterprises to manage energy consumption and participate in electricity spot market trading. The backbone network is responsible for the po…

What's New Thursday 6th of April 2023
China's power companies "going out" highlights frequently How to seize new opportunities in 2023?

"Layout of emerging markets to accelerate the pace; new energy power generation projects to specialization, intensive transformation; pay more attention to the operational management benefits of overseas contracted projects ......

What's New Sunday 26th of March 2023
Observation | China Distribution Transformer Enterprise Grid Market Competition

Observation | China Distribution Transformer Enterprise Grid Market Competition