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What's New Tuesday 20th of February 2024
Tender notices related to the Syrian Ministry of Electricity

The Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Beijing is pleased to inform the companies concerned that the Syrian Electricity Transmission and Distribution Utilities Authority has a requirement for electrical substation equipment, including transformers…

What's New Tuesday 30th of January 2024
Easier to come to China!!!!

5项新措施便利外籍人员来华 Five New Measures to Facilitate Entry to China国家移民管理局从1月11日起正式施行便利外籍人员来华5项措施,进一步打通外籍人员来华经商、学习、旅游的相关堵点,更好地服务保障高水平对外开放,服务促进高质量发展。The National Immigrat…

What's New Monday 22nd of January 2024
BYD takes the world's largest energy storage project!

On January 12, Spains Grenergy announced a procurement agreement with BYD for the energy storage system for the Oasis de Atacama (Atacama Oasis) energy storage project in Chile.Under the agreement, Grenergy has completed the purchase of BYDs 1.1GWh la…

What's New Tuesday 16th of January 2024
China's first high-altitude wind power generation demonstration project put into operation

Chinas first demonstration project of high-altitude wind power generation was successfully put into operation! : On January 9, International Energy Network was informed that the Anhui Jixi High Altitude Wind Power Generation New Technology Demonstrati…

What's New Wednesday 10th of January 2024
Chasing light, chasing wind, Yueqing to build a new energy industry highland

The author have select and organize around 30 good low voltage electric products manufacturers,factories in China their website,logo,main products and introduction and contact information. for factory visiting whats app+8613780163046 drop message: WSE…

What's New Wednesday 3rd of January 2024
Top 10 International Energy Stories of 2023: The Next Part

6. Energy transition in Europe and the U.S. blocked Trade barriers cause concern Although the global installed capacity of renewable energy is growing rapidly, but the development of clean energy industry in Europe and the United States is frequently…

What's New Wednesday 27th of December 2023
Top 10 International Energy News of 2023:preceding section

The world in 2023 is still staggering in the midst of severe tests. Extreme weather is frequent, wildfires are spreading, earthquakes and floods are ravaging the world....... The response to climate change is urgent; the Russia-Ukraine conflict has no…

What's New Thursday 21st of December 2023
Wenzhou Cess & Cpes Exhibition went to Ningbo New Energy Industry Chamber of Commerce

Recently, the organizing committee of Wenzhou International New Energy and Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition went to Ningbo to visit Ningbo New Energy Industry Chamber of Commerce, and carried out in-depth communication and exchanges with Ningbo …

What's New Tuesday 19th of December 2023
China Low Voltage Electric Products Factories and Suppliers' Contact and Legal Person List(007)

factories in China WITH Logo,main products and introduction and contact information. for factory visiting reservation,please contact ellen@donnor.com whats app+8613780163046 drop message: WSEPselect and organize around 30 good low voltage electric pro…

What's New Thursday 14th of December 2023
Where is the "high ground" for future global renewable energy development?

Expert Opinion:Over the next five years, the main battlegrounds for installed renewable energy growth will continue to be China, India, Europe and North America, with some significant opportunities emerging in Latin America, represented by Brazil.The…

What's New Wednesday 13th of December 2023
Longyuan Power Completes World-leading Electricity Forecast System

significantly improve the accuracy of short-term power forecast of new energy stations around China, with remarkable social and economic benefits and reaching the world-leading level.

What's New Tuesday 12th of December 2023
Delegation Investigated the preparation of Wenzhou SMART Electrical exhibition

Wenzhou Council for the promotion of international trade, and his delegation investigated the preparation of 2022 China (Wenzhou) INTTERNAITONAL Smart Electric & RCEP Electric Power & Electrician Exhibition

What's New Monday 4th of December 2023
Commercial and industrial energy storage is about to explode!

On November 28, the Development and Reform Commission of Fujian Province issued a notice on improving the time-sharing tariff policy. The notice states that in order to strengthen synergy with the market, deepen the construction of the medium- and lon…

What's New Monday 27th of November 2023
Promoting the development of new energy industry ,Industry Cooperation Conference held

2023 Maritime Silk Road City Influence Mayors Exchange Conference parallel theme meeting - Haisi Zero-Carbon City Industry Cooperation Qinshan Conference was held on November 24, nearly 200 domestic and foreign new energy field enterprise representati…

What's New Wednesday 22nd of November 2023
Sudden change in the energy storage market: orders go out, shares plunge over 70%

Summary:As of mid-2023, energy storage battery capacity utilization rate is less than half, including household energy storage, from 85% in 2022, fell to less than 30%. Since the beginning of this year, the leading company PYlon Tech stock price plum…